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Paeony ‘Karl Rosenfield’

There are two types of proof:

Direct proofs: Where it is proved (deduced or induced) from the basic axioms, definiyions or earlier proved theorems that the statement is correct.

Indirect proofs: The principle for this type of proofs is that it is proved that the opposite of the stated proposition cannot be true since this would lead to a contradiction or to something impossible.

In order to solve a geometrical problem it is often necessary to perform geometrical construction. This means e.g that the solution may be facilitated by

connecting given dots

extrapolate given lines

Bisect given lines or angles in halves,

Construct a line parallell to a given line

Constuct a line perpendicular to a given line.

construct circles etc.

Euclid then proceeds to define the equal-sign (2+3 =5), inequality sign ( A > B) and what is meant by addition (the sum of parts) and multiplication )repeated adition of the same number (A +A +A = 3A) and the difference between two quantitites A – B which eguals the quantity you must add to B to get A. .

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Licentiate of Philosophy in atomic Physics Master of Science in Physics
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