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Euclidean Geometry

I have started to read Euclid’s ‘Elements’. This is perhaps the most influential book in mathematics and was used for more than two-thousand years in schools all over the western world. My edition is written by Christian Fredrik Lindman lecturer of … Fortsätt läsa

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More vectorcalculus: Gauss theorem and Stokes theorem

Since the divergence of a vectorfield provides us with the number of field lines radiating outward from the source of the vectorfield it can be intuitively understood that the volume integral of the divergenbde of F equals the surface integral … Fortsätt läsa

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Number theory-more on numbers

De första talen människan använde sig av var förmodligen positiva heltalen de sk. naturliga talen. De användes för att ange kvantiteter av olika ting: fem tomater, 10 persikor etc.. Då människan började med handel kunde man bli skuld satt och … Fortsätt läsa

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The decimalsystem and some terminology

At this point it  might be wise to take a closer look at the decimalsystem which is the way we use to represent quatities in mathematics. The decimalsystem is a positionsystem (based on powers of ten)  which means that the value of … Fortsätt läsa

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Divergence and curl of vectorfields

According to the Helmholtz-theorem a vectorfield is completely defined by the divergence and  curl of the vectorfield. the divergence is a measure of the strength of the source of the vectorfield whereas the degree of rotation of the field is given … Fortsätt läsa

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Vectors can be multiplied in two ways: 1. The scalar product gives product of a vector and the projection of  the other vector upon the first one. This is calculated according to a b = ab cos(v) The result is a … Fortsätt läsa

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