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Thermodynamics 2 Entropy

A collection of rembrandts self-portraits serve as an illustration of the passage of time When left to itself snow spontaneously would never build a snowman. It will only form different kinds of heaps . This can be undestood as the … Fortsätt läsa

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Thermodynamics 1

Världens största ånglok, Big Boy, är exempel på en värmemaskin vars effektivitet beror på temperaturskillnaden mellan vattenångan och den omgivande luften. A spacecraft enters  the atmosphere with a velocity of appr. 40 000 km The temperature is a measure of … Fortsätt läsa

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Science RSS-feed

For your service and convenience; I have added an RSS-feed from Daily Telegraph as a widget in  the meny list to the right. Just click on  the link and the latest Science and Tech-News will flow into your computer. Today … Fortsätt läsa

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