matematik 3c

Law of Sine Sinussatsen

One useful trigonometric formula can be obtained by expressing the area of an arbitrary triangle with sinus.  

If one then proceeds to divide through by abc/2 one gets the Sinustheorem.

sinA/a = sinB/b= sinC/c

which is a relation between the sinus of the angle A and the side a standing opposite to angle A. By permutating the angles and sides you get the other two relations.

Another important  formula is the cosinetheorem:

c2 = a2+b2 – 2ab cos(c)

\\a^{2}=b^{2}+c^{2}-2bc\cdot cos\, \alpha \\.

I angle a=90 this reduces to the Pythagoren theorem.

A beautiful proof  of this formula can be found with the aid of vectoranalysis:

compute (a+b)(a+b) = a2 +b2 + 2 a*b. 

The last term is a scalar product between two vectors

a×b×cos(180-c) = -a×b×cos(c).

This gives the cosinetheorem:

c2 = a2+b2 – 2ab cos(c) Q.E.D.


Find the value of x


Övning 1410 i Sjunnesson: en storks näbb är 26 cm lång. Hur stora matbitar kan den äta om den maximalt kan kan öppna munnen 41 grader?

Cosinussatsen ger:

x^2 = 26^2 + 26^2 – 2 26^2 *cos41 ×


Av mattelararen

Licentiate of Philosophy in atomic Physics
Master of Science in Physics


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